You won't see me posting Instagram stories every hour of the day as I am really trying to push against having a digitally distracted existence. Life is so beautiful and fleeting, I want to be as present as I can be.

I live in Margaret River with my husband and two babes and happily document families and blissful wedding days all over the South West, Perth and overseas.

My ideal couples to book me are care free, easy going and are more excited about marrying their best friend than having a picture perfect wedding.

I have been shooting weddings for seven years now and have seen all the trends come and go. Over the years I became so "wedding saturated" as all I was seeing on social media were the same wedding images being produced with different editing styles. Wanting to escape the sea of sameness, I am choosing to shoot with my heart and not a head full of tickboxes and ideas of perfection. What do you want from your wedding photography? A set of really pretty photos to show how you and the day looked aesthetically? Or are you more interested in having photographs that enable the viewer to feel what it was like to be there? Maybe something not so perfect, maybe a bit messy at times, but has heart?

If you are after perfection, I may not be the girl for you. If you want images that move you, I may be that someone you're looking for.